Try-out Party photos online

Go check the photo section for the first photos from the try-out party we had! Really went well....we think ;-)

The firestarter


The firestarter is the easiest way to get your charcoal going and ready for action. Have a look at it in the products section....

Heatregulation system


We've posted a video of our heatregulation system on youtube. Have a look at how the charcoal area floats down....

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New Website


This is the website. Fully standards-compliant CSS template designed by and way faster than our previous site. Please be patient while we're ading all the content we have prepared for you!

We're not only adding content but also some new cusomizable items like bottle openers and such...look around the site as it starts to grow.

It's alive!


First real BBQ ia almost finished, Yay! :P We'll put up more pictures in the photo section as soon as we can. There's so much to testing it with various sorts of meat and so on.
Our quality assurance team is in top shape and ready to grill.